Designing some good ol’ dashboards for health data properties at work. Some inspiration:

apple dashboard 2

A mac's best friend

  • Manages information
  • Saves time searching for commonly needed information
  • Facilitates common searches
  • Could also take up time with distractions – “I’ll just check my calendar… hey crying turtle time! What Champions League Final’s on tonight?! Gotta call the guys/gals.”

Check out ma hits!

  • Combination of trend information and detailed information
  • Different slices/levels/selections of the same information (e.g. visits by region, by time, by method, by behaviour)
  • Simple graphic visualizations – minimalistic
ferrari dash

Italian beauty

  • Stunning visual aesthetic – important in deashboards, makes people want to use it/worship it
  • Right level of abstraction vs detail – at a glance you get enough information (e.g. speed to nearest 10km/h) but not too much information (e.g. exact speed)
  • Very few words – all graphics, numbers, visualizations, symbols
soviet nuclear dash

Soviet nuclear plant

  • Um? Needs specialized knowledge – know the user/audience/client
  • Standardized elements (e.g. gauges), colours, knobs, max ~5
  • Similar elements groups together in separately constructed, removable, standardized panels
  • Attention drawn to the knob with the red square around it – must be special

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