Persuasive Design

Andrew Chak’s (Author of Submit Now) talk Wednesday on Persuasive Design was good. Very good. Summary:

  • Usability/Our job = changing behaviour
  • Lewin: behaviour = f(people, environment)
  • BJ Fogg: behaviour grid (aligned by task and timeline)
  • On the internet, it looks like there are 3 eras
  • Surf > Search > Social, or
  • Discovery > Information > Advice, or
  • Publication > Conversation
  • In particular it’s moving away from a website-focused model into a socially-competent Q&A model to get useful info
  • Means for decision-making:
  1. Authority, e.g. testimonials
  2. Consistency, e.g. asking for small commitment before larger commitment
  3. Liking, e.g. patientslikeme
  4. Scarcity, e.g. Gmail invites
  5. Reciprocation, e.g. openware
  6. Social Proof, e.g. TripAdvisor

Doesn’t do it justice, but what I remember/wrote.


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