Bill Buxton’s advice


Designers are owners of product and negotiators. B X T – business experience technology. “It’s a compromise like Gehry’s design, which goes to engineering for feasibility and business for cost,” says Bill Buxton. More like collaboration though – compromise presupposes someone wins and someone loses.

Designers help guide work so that what people invest in is the best we can do – not just the first idea we come up with.

Determine design language + design principles/philosophy before starting (a la Microsoft mobile “metro”, a la “Alias Commandments”). Helps with determining what design decisions (or any other decisions) are right.

Uncanny valley: Closer you come to reality the more uncanny it is because it’s harder to suspend belief…

Fierce reduction: What is the core essence of this? e.g. iPhone = app store + internet connectivity

Design specification: e.g. GM device: any employee must be able to figure out 80% of functionality within 3-5 min with 90% retention a week later.

Every application has a good use and bad use. Trade-offs.


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