I’ve been taking part in an amazing mentorship group run by Brad Einarsen (of Klick Communication). We’ve met bi-weekely for the past six months or so going through a variety of web UX concepts. But the most exciting part of it has been the hands-on pro-bono work the group of us have done for CanadaHelps. They’re a successful not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to facilitate online donations to any charity in Canada. This may not be as big for, say, Kid’s Help Phone which already has e-commerce on their site – but it’s critical for charitable organization that don’t have online donations (and sometimes don’t even have a website).

We presented a few weeks ago (I was a bit busy so didn’t get to post until now) and it went spectacularly well. We had a few people from the organization come in (including Owen Charters the Executive Director) and they were rather thrilled with the user issues and recommendations we identified – some that were surprising and some that were pain points they were familiar with (but now they have video proof!)


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