In Southern California, where driving 1 hr+ to work is the norm, audiobooks are my saviour. They are useful, usable (pop the CD in, done; pause it, rewind, fast-forward whenever and however you want with simple controls of the CD player that can be operated with minimal attention while driving) and so very enjoyable (shout out to Richard Buchanan’s “UX Triangle of Doom” that he mentioned in his keynote at #ixd11: “is the product useful, usable and desirable?”). #ixd11 – my first ixda conference – was an absolutely amazing experience, by the way.

Outstanding books I’ve listened to recently:

Drive (Daniel Pink – read by author, 2009): “pop research” book on motivation and the workplace in the style of The Tipping Point, etc. Excellent, excellent book!
Drive by Daniel Pink

American Theocracy (Kevin Phillips – read by Scott Brick, 2006): US oil, religion and politics in the 21st century. Got to CD 6 of 15.

The Odyssey (Homer – read by Ian McKellen, 2005): The great myth of the times. Just starting.

(Thanks Amazon for the photos.) In unrelated news, I have a few projects on the go that I’m excited about and will talk about later, as well as some other ideas I’d love to explore but don’t have the time… this graph is a roughly accurate description of my life:
graph of free time versus age

Graph of free time versus age


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