Jamy obtained his Bachelor’s degree from arguably the hardest, most sleep-depriving undergraduate program in Canada (ah, Engineering Science). From there he went on to complete a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Human Factors) and the collaborative programme in digital media at the University of Toronto, working with Professor Mark Chignell. Along the way he’s worked with many great people at the Interactive Media Lab in Toronto, the Information Design Lab in Tokyo, Alias/Autodesk in Toronto, the Ontario College of Art & Design, and an e-commerce start-up in Berlin.

He is currently working in user experience design and strategy in the internet division of DIRECTV, based in Los Angeles, California. The fact that his address now contains the word “Hollywood” comes as a surprise to a lot of people, not least himself.

His spare time is spent rowing, traveling, attempting to surf, nerding out, writing 3rd person bios and practicing Japanese and German.


Los Angeles, 2011